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Dea Flores



Health & Beauty Industry


Customer Journey Marketing


Above & beyond: Collaboratively engineering a thriving e-commerce landscape through strategic finesse and digital mastery.

DEA FLORES boasts a remarkable and innovative product vision, seamlessly blending the timeless wisdom of aromatherapy with cutting-edge dermatological research. This unique approach has led to the creation of highly efficacious solutions for various skin conditions.

Having reached saturation in over 1800 pharmacies, DEA FLORES turned its eyes to the boundless horizons of the digital marketplace.


The ambitious objective was to carve out a sustainable and profitable e-commerce business, reflecting the essence and aesthetic of the DEA FLORES brand.


The task at hand required the simultaneous cultivation of brand awareness and sales, all within a precise ROAS margin—a uniquely demanding brief. Our team had to swiftly identify and engage the right target audiences, ensuring lasting high ROAS.

A detailed blueprint for trade and marketing was crafted in preparation for Q4, a period anticipated to be a goldmine of opportunity. At Blueprint, our insistence on ad creative excellence and policy stability is not merely a preference but a fundamental doctrine.


Blueprint meticulously charted the customer journey, ensuring precise retargeting and implementing comprehensive UX consulting to enhance conversion rates. Striking the balance between branding and stable ROAS was a delicate operation, executed flawlessly through our Customer Journey Funnel Strategy.


The strategy culminated in an extraordinary Black Friday, where almost all stock was sold.

  • 900.000 HRK Annual E-commerce Revenue
  • 550.000 HRK Q4 E-commerce Revenue
  • +1410% YoY Increase in Q4 E-commerce Conversion Rate
  • +2094% YoY Increase in Transactions
  • Overall ROAS at 4.9


YoY Transactions

Annual E-comm Revenue

Q4 E-comm Revenue




E-comm Conv. Rate

“It was and it still is, one enjoyable and successful journey with Blueprint!”
Marta Slišković

Helena Emling Fabijanić

Marketing Manager


The DEA FLORES brand now resonates in Croatia’s digital realm, opening the door to further growth and innovation. Blueprint’s resolve is to push the boundaries of ROAS, preserving the brand’s prominence.

Measures such as Brand Lift studies will keep a pulse on brand vitality, while the implementation of Newsletter and SMS automation will streamline the sales process. International expansion looms on the horizon.

Emphasizing both online and offline strategies, our pursuit of excellence never wanes. Our cohesive and interactive collaboration with the client mirrors our shared passion for the cosmetics and health industry.

With structured plans including Trade, Product, and Content Calendars, we move forward with confidence, professionalism, and zeal. Our unique blend of enjoyment in the cosmetics and health industry, coupled with our digital marketing expertise, fuels our conviction that the best is yet to come.

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