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Hotel Nomad, Bjelašnica

Performance Marketing and Press Trip Case Study

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Hotel Nomad in Bjelašnica, recognized for its exceptional design and prime ski resort location, collaborated with us to enhance their visibility in key regional markets.

Challenges and goals

Despite success in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hotel Nomad sought stronger market positioning in Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia.


A press trip for media from these countries was organized to boost the hotel’s profile.


The campaign’s success was marked by:

  • Web Publications: 40
  • Print Articles: 7
  • Estimated Media Value: 47-55k EUR
  • Reach of Publications: +3,000,000
  • Article Read Count: 62-69k
  • Number of SEO Backlinks: 39

The inclusion of 39 SEO backlinks is expected to contribute to enhanced performance marketing profitability and better positioning of Hotel Nomad in the broader region.

Web Publications

Print Articles

Estimated Media Value

Reach of Publications

Article Read Count

Number of SEO Backlinks

“As the owner of Hotel Nomad, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of our collaboration with Blueprint on our market positioning in Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia. Their innovative approach in performance marketing and PR, particularly the organized press trip, has significantly elevated our hotel’s profile. The results speak volumes: extensive media coverage, impressive reach, and a notable increase in SEO backlinks. This partnership has been pivotal in enhancing Hotel Nomad’s visibility and appeal in key regional markets, solidifying our status as a premier destination in Bjelašnica.”

Adnan Selmanagić  

Hotel owner


We will continue to work on strengthening Hotel Nomad’s position and profitability, focusing on achieving strategic goals that, for now, remain confidential.

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