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Nestled on the unique privately held island of Obonjan in Croatia, Obonjan Island Resort offers a Mediterranean glamping-style escape that poses both immense potential and considerable challenges. The resort’s exclusive Island Homes, Glamping Lodges, and O-Tents provide a relaxing and adventurous holiday experience for guests seeking both romance and exploration. Recognizing the resort’s exceptional offerings and appreciating the complexity of promoting a unique destination like Obonjan, the Blueprint team embarked on an ambitious collaboration.

Working closely with Obonjan’s smart and dedicated team, we faced the initial difficulty of bringing the project to life. The uniqueness of a privately held island resort and its glamping offerings required a tailored approach. But through hard work, close collaboration, and an unwavering focus on performance marketing, we managed to elevate direct sales channels, positioning Blueprint once more as the go-to agency in the tourism sector.


  1. Unique Offering: Crafting a marketing strategy for a privately held island resort with glamping facilities required special attention to the uniqueness of the product.
  2. Digital Channel Focus: Identifying the right balance between metasearch engines and Google channels to drive direct sales.
  3. Creative Full Funnel Approach: The resort’s distinctiveness demanded a sophisticated full-funnel creative approach to enhance digital marketing efforts.
  4. PR Strategy: Obonjan’s distinctive positioning required a robust PR strategy to complement digital marketing.


  • Customer Journey Tracking: Comprehensive tracking of the entire customer journey to understand behavior and enhance performance.
  • New Web Page Development: Designing a website optimized for digital marketing while highlighting the resort’s unique offerings.
  • Full Marketing Funnel Creatives Consulting: Collaborative consultation on creative strategies, ensuring alignment with the brand’s unique positioning.
  • Copywriting and PR Consulting: Tailored PR and copywriting strategies, emphasizing Obonjan’s unique offerings and enhancing performance marketing.


  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 10.76
  • Average Order Value: +21%
  • Direct Sales Revenue: 1200%


  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 10.76
  • Average Order Value: +21%
  • Direct Sales Revenue: 1200%



Average Order Value


Direct Sales Revenue

“Blueprint’s unwavering dedication, creative full-funnel approach, and keen understanding of our unique offerings have been pivotal. Their emphasis on driving direct sales through digital channels has not only unlocked Obonjan’s potential but also positioned us strongly in the competitive market. This collaboration is a testament to Blueprint’s performance marketing prowess, and I highly recommend them.”

Tea Glazar

Direct Sales Manager


  • Website Development: Crafting a new website that is even more optimized for performance digital marketing, ensuring seamless alignment with Obonjan Island Resort’s unique offerings and brand identity.
  • SEO: Implementing advanced SEO strategies to enhance visibility and further increase direct sales, tailoring efforts to the specific needs of the tourism sector.
  • Continued PR Presence: Building sustained PR efforts in target markets such as the DACH region and Central Europe, promoting Obonjan as a must-visit destination and supporting digital marketing strategies.

Through innovation, collaboration, and a relentless focus on results, Blueprint has once again proven its ability to drive success in the tourism industry. We eagerly look forward to continuing our partnership with Obonjan Island Resort, pushing the boundaries of performance marketing, and enhancing the unique and engaging experiences they offer to their guests.

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