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Use Case.

Above & beyond: The Three Days scientific cyberpunk website and logo design.

In the realm of science, innovation, and technology, possibilities stretch as far as the imagination. When the Croatian Institute for Brain Research approached us, they were in need of something extraordinary, yet they were constrained by time. The challenge? Create a cyberpunk-inspired website and logo that would resemble a journey through the brain, filled with technology and nerves, all within three days. A blend of Matrix-like sophistication with the intricacy of human neuroscience.

How we did it?


The clock was ticking, and the process that usually takes weeks needed to be compressed into a mere three days. It was a whirlwind of creativity, precision, collaboration, and relentless effort.

Our project management team became the glue holding everything together, channeling information and ensuring that every detail was executed with absolute precision. With no room for even the smallest correction, defining every last detail with the client was essential.

Meanwhile, our development and design team emerged as the heroes of this story. They worked non-stop, displaying a level of dedication that transcended normal expectations. They embraced the challenge and delivered a design that was not just scientific but innovative, edgy, and reflective of the world of Neuroelectronics.

The result?

The scientific community was in awe. The cyberpunk design, combined with functional excellence, set a new standard. Suddenly, everyone wanted something similar, but with a caveat from us – a normal deadline next time.

We’re proud of what we achieved, but more importantly, we’re thrilled that our scientists were satisfied. The website not only resonated with their theme but also successfully managed the conference participants and endured a surge in visits.

“Blueprint guys somehow managed to develop and design the whole web for us in three days! Now we are constantly getting inquiries about who did our web, and can we recommend them. And believe me, we recommend Blueprint!”

Marta Slišković

Tena Popović

Faculty of Medicine, Zagreb

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