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Dea Flores



Health & Beauty Industry


Customer Journey Marketing


Above & beyond: Working together to establish a sustainable and profitable e-commerce business.

DEA FLORES boasts a unique product vision: Merging the age-old tradition of aromatherapy with modern dermatological research, then formulating highly effective products that target various skin conditions.

A presence in more than 1800 pharmacies left the brick-and-mortar market saturated, so DEA FLORES decided to focus on the endless opportunities available in the digital marketplace.


To establish a sustainable and profitable e-commerce business in tune with the touch and feel of the DEA FLORES brand.


We needed to work on brand awareness while simultaneously driving sales numbers on a relatively high ROAS margin. Definitely not your typical client brief!

We needed to build on these two and build them fast, including finding the right target audiences to bring high ROAS and maintain it for the long term.

This included constant consulting on trade and marketing strategy to prepare for Q4, which we predicted would be the Holy Grail of all buying window opportunities.

Of course, creative consulting and client education is something that we at Blueprint obsess over because we firmly believe that ad creative quality and ad policy stability can only get our clients halfway there.


Blueprint established detailed customer journey tracking to retarget the right audiences with the most profitable CPA and added loads of UX consulting to maximize conversion rate.

Remember, we had a thin edge to balance on. There was a need for branding on one side, and on the other, we needed to deliver a stable ROAS.

By implementing our Customer Journey Funnel Strategy, we achieved all this and more.


On Black Friday, almost all stock was cleared out. Fabulous!

  • 900.000 HRK Annual E-commerce Revenue
  • 550.000 HRK Q4 E-commerce Revenue
  • +1410% YoY Increase in Q4 E-commerce Conversion Rate
  • +2094% YoY Increase in Transactions
  • Overall ROAS at 4.9


YoY Transactions

Annual E-comm Revenue

Q4 E-comm Revenue




E-comm Conv. Rate

“It was and it still is, one enjoyable and successful journey with Blueprint!”
Marta Slišković

Helena Emling Fabijanić

Marketing Manager


The brand is, by now, well known in Croatia’s digital space, so naturally, we have more space in our budget to launch new products.
Blueprint’s goal is to elevate ROAS further and maintain a high brand recall.

The plan is to use Brand Lift studies to check brand “health” and act accordingly.

Newsletter and SMS automatization is on the way to help make the sales process even more seamless and acquire new and maintain high LTV from current repeat buyers. Also, we are preparing to reach new international markets.

We are focusing on offline measurement and strategy in the long term to further strengthen online results and enhance brand recognition.

To ensure success, we are taking a proactive approach, and we demand the same from the client-side (we consider ourselves lucky – we love our client!)

For example, The Editorial Calendar will include a:

  • Trade Calendar
  • Product Calendar
  • Content Calendar

With the continuous actions stated above, we are convinced that the best ROAS is yet to come.

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