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Use Case.

Above & beyond: Working together to create a Customer Journey Marketing Strategy to maintain the brand and to increase sales through digital channels.

FMCG businesses already have e-commerce as a critical pillar of their growth strategy. They are actively scaling up investments to increase their online offerings and coverage. In this quickly evolving space, e-commerce success requires much more than simply trying to take offline capabilities online. More prominent companies are setting ambitious targets and testing and innovating in the online space. Profits can initially be hard to come by, but the eye is on the long-term prize for most players.

Key points:

  • Food purchases increased 11.4% as households catered for more meals at home.
  • Ecommerce sales increased by 45.5% as more households pivoted towards online grocery shopping.
  • Ecommerce now accounts for 6.5% of grocery sales globally.
  • Beverages, Dairy & Food, accounted for 74% of FMCG value in 2019.

FMCG online growth will continue to outpace offline growth, and most retailers and manufacturers need omnichannel strategies to ensure future success. For FMCG e-commerce to thrive, a market must have the foundational infrastructure in places.


Generate growth and Revenue targets through Customer Journey Marketing strategies.


We optimized all campaigns and focused them on sales to achieve quick results. All the channels that we are managing are showing a more than double increase in results.



Contiuous Growth regardless of COVID-19.


Through the use of Customer Journey marketing – we where able to achieveā€¦

  • +116% Sessions
  • +161% Revenue
  • +124% Transactions
  • +271% Campaign Revenue
  • +216% Campaign Transactions
  • +717% Sales attributed to marketing








Campaign REVENUE


Campaign Transactions


Marketing Sales

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