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Above & beyond: Collaborating to craft a Customer Journey Mapping, we aimed to firmly establish the L’Adria brand, accelerating sales and paving the way for launching new products.

In an industry where seven conglomerates own over 180 beauty brands, standing out is a challenge. Whether you’re a beauty market connoisseur or a newcomer, one thing is clear: the space is crowded. Enter L’Adria, a nascent Croatian beauty brand with big ambitions.


Carve out a distinctive space in a saturated industry and then achieve ambitious sales targets.


In the beauty sphere, customer trust and brand presence are paramount. Our mission? Build both, and build them rapidly. This includes pinpointing the precise target audiences with sustainable high ROAS. Plus, persuading the client to keep pace with the industry’s dynamic rhythm by launching new products regularly.


L’Adria Cream Duo: Building Success, One Step at a Time

Structural Foundation: We constructed robust Facebook and Google campaign structures and sales funnels.

Creative Collaboration: Our hands-on creative workshops educated the client on the essential touch & feel of creatives, aligning with Facebook’s creative policy.

Growth Strategy: Achieving stable ROAS on main products, we expanded, tested, and scaled. Influencer campaigns augmented our success, solidifying impressive results.


L’Adria’s year was marked by:

  • 1.6mil HRK Annual E-commerce Revenue
  • +130% YoY Increase in E-commerce Conversion Rate
  • +183% YoY Increase in Transactions
  • +52% Increase in Sessions
  • Overall ROAS at 3.5


YoY Transactions

Annual E-comm Revenue


E-comm Conv. Rate





“Blueprint’s full-funnel approach across multiple channels facilitated L’Adria’s efficient market entry. This collaboration fostered understanding, revenue growth, and increased ROAS and conversions.”

Marta Slišković

Marta Slišković & Marijo Lalić

Head of Sales & Marketing Manager at L’Adria Cosmetics


With a strong presence in Croatia and in brick-and-mortar stores nationwide, our gaze is set on higher ROAS and brand recall. Future endeavors include:

Brand Lift Study: Measure brand recognition.
Newsletter and SMS Automation: Streamline sales and enhance customer LTV.
International Expansion: Reach new markets.

We are steadfast in our proactive approach, and in return, we seek the same from our client-side. Integrated planning includes:

  • Trade Calendar
  • Product Calendar
  • Content Calendar

With these continuous actions, we are poised for the best ROAS, fortified by our deep understanding of the beauty industry’s nuances and dynamics.

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